Exploring Agile & Scrum

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Software development is chaotic. 90% of all projects fail, or worse, run out of money before they get a chance to succeed. An idea can sound great in theory, but execution is an artform and can be fumbled easily. (It’s no coincidence that 90% of all downloaded apps are used just once before being deleted.) The truth is that most software developers simply aren’t focused on meeting the needs of the current marketplace, and as a result, most mobile app developments go bust. This can happen for several reasons:

  • Product Owners often receive little guidance
  • It’s di cult to predict what users actually want
  • Development problems may not be identified or remedied until it’s

too late

  • It gets more expensive to pivot as time goes on
  • Most developments end up with a poor user experiences
  • And most developer contracts lock Product Owners into iron-clad

commitments, leaving little room for adaptation and creative exploration

Rootstrap, our Product Development Workshop, is how Neon Roots helps you to avoid these common pitfalls. And while we can’t guarantee that your app will succeed (no one can), we can teach you how to become a better Product Owner. We’ll challenge your thinking and help you develop the right mindset to build digital products with precise end-to-end execution and world-class user experiences. This transformation into a successful Product Owner will go hand-in-hand with turning your idea into a clickable prototype (and using these skills for future iterations). Let’s explore how this makes Rootstrap di erent from other development firms.